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Happy Holidays From Your Friends at Hydrology Corner!

It has been an incredible year! Thank you for being part of the Hydrology Corner family in 2013. We appreciate your interest and it’s been a pleasure discussing best practices, data management, water quality and trends in the water monitoring industry with you all. We would like to wish you all the best for the holiday season!

Report - Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends, hydrological data, hydrological methods, hydrology, hydrology blog, hydrology corner, water data, Monitoring

The Water Monitoring Industry –
Rapid Modernization and Growth

Aquatic Informatics’ global survey of over 700 water professionals in 90 countries puts a spotlight on an industry undergoing rapid change. Key trends include significant growth in network size, modernization of monitoring technology, and an increasing demand for comprehensive data management systems. After months of refining survey questions, collecting responses, and analyzing the results, the new report Global Hydrological Monitoring Industry Trends has been released. I am excited to share this international study with customers and members of the community, so we can all benefit. It is no surprise that the water monitoring industry is undergoing rapid evolution worldwide. The … Read More


The USGS Selects Aquatic Informatics – Stay Tuned for More Innovation

Ed Quilty, President & CEO – Aquatic Informatics and Robert Mason, Acting Chief – US Geological Survey (USGS) Office of Surface Water at the USGS National Data Conference in Portland, Oregon I’m writing this blog from the USGS National Data Conference in Portland, Oregon, where yesterday the USGS announced that AQUARIUS has been selected as the commercial replacement for the existing Automated Data Processing System (ADAPS),  the core software within the USGS National Water Information System (NWIS) used to process, compute, validate, correct, display and otherwise store time series data. To say we are deeply honored to have this great responsibility bestowed upon … Read More

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Stormwater & Urban Water Resource Data Management – City of Lake Oswego

“The future depends on what we do in the present.” – Gandhi As a practicing Aquatic Ecologist for more than 12 years before founding Aquatic Informatics, I spent most of my time in the field collecting data and obsessing over the quality of the data.  Now 10-years later, as CEO I seem to spend most of my time on planes or in meetings – very far those tranquil days wading across creeks with a current meter, calibrating sensors, collecting water quality samples, or scrapping periphyton off rocks.  I still do obsess about data, but primarily vicariously through our customers around … Read More

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Central Services – New software for the Water Survey of Canada

CENTRAL SERVICES – New software makes data collection and analysis easier and faster for the Water Survey of Canada. “Annual data doesn’t help Saskatchewan or Winnipeg when there’s a flood event happening— we need to provide data to our customers instantaneously.” —AJ Leitch Policies that protect our water are borne, in part, of good water monitoring. The process generally involves visiting a monitoring site once or twice a year, collecting the data from the sensors, and returning to the lab to analyze it, generate a report, and use the results to inform policy decisions. It’s hard to argue that good … Read More

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